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If you are unsure about compatibility of the chosen hose, consult with your manufacturer for additional information. Here are few strategies that you can consider for buying high quality Zoomlion Spare Parts Manufacturers hose: Pay Attention to the Size Choosing the right-sized hose is important. This in turn, can have a drastic impact on longevity of the hose. To avoid any rude shock later, measuring the hose by yourself can be a great idea. In most cases, the minimum burst rating for dynamic hydraulic applications should be four times than that of the working pressure rating. It is also critical to pay attention to the pressure drop that takes place between the outlet and inlet of the hose. You can do so by measuring the perfect distance between different ports of the component. Remember that if the pressure hikes exceed the working pressure, it will affect quality of the hose in a negative manner. Remember if the hose is excessively long, moving parts of the equipment can damage July 8, 2012 - Hydraulic hose refers to a high pressure device that is developed from synthetic rubber. Consider these tips for choosing the best high pressure hydraulic hose. The general rule is to apply a considerable margin of safety, while selecting hose for transmitting hydraulic fluid. On the other hand, if it is excessively short, it might be forced to stretch itself. In general, before buying any hose make sure that it conforms to the standards set by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Pressure Issues System pressure can be another important criterion for selecting the perfect hose. Choosing a good quality high pressure hydraulic hose is therefore essential for maintaining the performance of your industrial or agricultural plants. Additionally, if you are planning to use the hose for applications, demanding special chemicals and oils, you need to be more careful. In case of any confusion, get in touch with an expert or your manufacturer. Material Your selected hose should ensure compatibility of the hose cover and tube with the fluids utilized. Its main purpose is to deliver fluid as well as high pressure gas in industrial or agricultural plants. The factors that can play an important role in affecting the pressure drop amount can include fluid temperature, frictions, couplings, and viscosity.SINGAPORE, Singapore (prHWY. Consider the fact that working pressure of the hose must be equal or even greater than the maximum system pressure. This will allow you to ensure quality of the hose.
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